Wednesday, December 31, 2008


My dress is in a white Civic, somewhere between Long Island & Brooklyn. If you see it, please bring it soon. I can not wear a nightie to the East Village. I can not.


The picture is coming... I took a few this morning, didn't like them. Who knew that me without eye makeup looks strikingly similar to The Albino from "The Princess Bride" ... hmm.

My hopes are to post a right before I go out for New Year's Eve tonight, and then the morning after. I might sleep in my dress & hot pink tights just for effect.

Christmas has brought me a plethora of new reading material. Mostly fiction. And now, thanks to my sister who gave me this book, I am "that girl" on the 2 train laughing out loud and shaking her head/nodding like she has some sort of inside joke with the author. Yeah! That's me.

The book is hilarious. All short essays. Very easy to relate to. Sometimes I have a hard time believing that we haven't worked with or for the exact same people. Granted, I've never had a 40 page manuscript thrown at my head, but I have been the tampon restock girl.

Luckily laughing at my book probably wasn't the strangest thing that people heard on the subway this morning. Oh no, it had to be the train conductor...

(I feel like I'm in middle school listening to the morning announcements.)

"This is an express 2 train going to Manhattan, for changes..." blahdy blahdy blah.
(I remember having this conductor once before. Yes, it all starts to come back to me, both middle school and the last time I was on this train.)

"So Brooklyn..."
(I love how he addresses all of us as 'Brooklyn', like we're on one big team; like how my boyfriend addresses the masses in traffic, "C'mon guys! We have a green light, what are we waiting for??!")

"So Brooklyn, this is the last day of 2008, let's make it a good one and let's be kind to one another. Aiight?" (Thanks Mr. Luskey, and keep our hands & our feet to ourselves?)

As I was leaving the train, I swore I heard the lunch menu as the doors closed. "For lunch today there are chicken patties & tater t.."(bing bong).

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


New Year's Resolution?... for now, no. If i make it to day 365, sure why not! I'm starting a little early, seeing how it's only Dec. 30, but we're going to call this, "the trial period".

I've been inspired/guilted by the creative folk on
Flickr to create a 365 blog, a self portrait everyday. Being probably the only photographer in existance never to do a 365, I figured this would be the perfect narcassistic outlet.

So here it goes... Day 1. Well day 2 actually... I took this picture yesterday, but I uploaded it to my computer today! That has to count for something right? Did I mess this thing up already? Are there rules to the 365?? Some one help me. This is overwhelming...

- xoxo Gossip Girl

just kidding, I'm just missing that incredibly riviting 48 mins of teen drama on the Upper East Side. Next week my friends, next week.