Tuesday, December 30, 2008


New Year's Resolution?... for now, no. If i make it to day 365, sure why not! I'm starting a little early, seeing how it's only Dec. 30, but we're going to call this, "the trial period".

I've been inspired/guilted by the creative folk on
Flickr to create a 365 blog, a self portrait everyday. Being probably the only photographer in existance never to do a 365, I figured this would be the perfect narcassistic outlet.

So here it goes... Day 1. Well day 2 actually... I took this picture yesterday, but I uploaded it to my computer today! That has to count for something right? Did I mess this thing up already? Are there rules to the 365?? Some one help me. This is overwhelming...

- xoxo Gossip Girl

just kidding, I'm just missing that incredibly riviting 48 mins of teen drama on the Upper East Side. Next week my friends, next week.

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