Saturday, January 3, 2009


Not even a week & I'm already running out of ideas.
Two TTVs in a row? You slacker.


  1. can't get enough of ttvs, personally. what sorta set up do you have for it?

  2. this is someone else's set up...

    but mine is pretty much the same. Sometimes I use my Lumix, but if I want to shoot RAW for anything that might be printed in the future, I use my Canon Rebel. The cardboard tube is made from a cereal box.

    The old camera is a Kodak Duaflex II, you can get them off ebay for $5, the dirtier the better :) My sister got one, and the guy cleaned it and shined it up for her, thinking he was being nice. She was really mad haha.

  3. thx for the links and info. most helpful. can't wait to try this out for myself here real soon. . .

  4. please please do. I can't wait to see them!